Are IP addresses transferable when changing from one service plan to another?

The IP address does not need to be changed when moving from one Gen5 plan to another (upgrade/downgrade). Upgrading from Spaceway to Gen5 with Static IP is currently not available.

My business is moving and I have a Static IP. Can this be transferred to my moved site?

Moves require reassignment of the Static IP. You will need to contact Customer Care at 800-347-3272 to issue a new Static IP to your account.

Can I remove Static IPs if I find out I do not need one?

Yes, you can add Static IP at any time by contacting Business Customer Care, 800-347-3272 .

Can I add a Static IPs after placing their order?

Yes, you can add Static IP at any time by contacting Business Customer Care, 800-347-3272 .

How do I know if I need a Static IP?

Each business case in unique, but there are some common situations where a Static IP may be required. These include:
 Legacy/older Point of Sale (POS) machines (Note: new POS devices typically do not need a Static IP)
 VPN access — but we generally do not recommend using a VPN with HughesNet Direct file access to home computer
 Legacy/older securit...
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I need a static and dynamic IP at the same address?

Static IP needs will always supersede dynamic IP needs, but not all situations require a Static IP. Let's review your needs to determine what is best for your account.

What is a Static IP address?

Computers use IP addresses to locate and talk to each other on the Internet. There are temporary and static IP addresses. Most people use temporary IP addresses but some applications require a static IP. A dynamic or temporary IP addresses is assigned on a session basis and once the user disconnects from the Internet their dynamic IP address goes b...
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