The Three Most Important Google Analytics Reports for Your Small Business

small business google analytics

With Google Analytics, the possibilities are endless, as the tool provides endless ways to determine how your website and overall marketing efforts are performing. At times, it may seem overwhelming because of the amount of data available within the tool.

In this post, we’ll outline some simple steps to using the most valuable Google Analytics reports.

Google Analytics Homepage

The homepage and main dashboard of Google Analytics offers a high-level overview of your website statistics. It allows you to see this high-level overview for any timeframe that you specify. Here are some of the main insights that you can find in this view:

  • Audience overview:  This shows the number of users who visited your website.
  • Real-time report:  This shows how many users are viewing your website at that specific moment in real time.
  • Acquisition:  You can view statistics on how you acquire users to understand where your visitors are coming from.
  • Retention:  This shows how well you retain users, providing data on the returning users of your website.

While this provides a great high-level overview of your site performance, there are various reports that drill down on the details of these stats. You can access these reports by clicking Acquisition à All Traffic à Source/Medium.

Below are some of the most valuable reports that you should consider.

Audience Reports

Do you know who is visiting your website? Audience reports will give you detailed information on your website visitors to get a better understanding of who your visitors are, what they like, and where they are from. You can find the following insights in these reports:

  • Demographics:  Your visitors’ age and gender.
  • Interests:  Data on your users’ general interests.
  • Geo > Location:  This provides information on where your website users are coming from.
  • Geo > Language:  This provides information on the main languages your users speak.
  • Behavior:  This gives data on how often users visit your website.
  • Technology and mobile:  This provides insights on the specific technology that visitors use to access your website.

Once you have these valuable insights, you can tailor your marketing activities to best suit your audience’s needs.

Acquisition Reports

Do you know how users are finding your site? Acquisition reports provide detailed information on where your website visitors came from and how they found your website. In addition to an overview, which outlines a high-level view of the top places sending visitors to your site, you can find the following information in acquisition reports:

  • Channels:  This shows detailed information on the main channels that your website visitors are coming from. You can click any of these channels to get more details.
  • Organic Search and Keywords:  You can click organic search to get more details on the keywords that drove users to your site.
  • Direct:  By clicking direct channel, you can see the main landing pages that visitors have navigated to on your site.
  • Referral:  Through the referral report, you can see the top referring websites. If you click the links to these sites, Google Analytics offers more details on what specific pages referred traffic to your site.
  • Social:  Through the social report, you can see which specific social networks your users came from. 

Behavior Reports

Do you know how your content is performing on your site? Behavior reports provide valuable information on your website content. Through behavior reports, you can gain the following insights:

  • Site Content, All Pages:  This shows you the top pages that are viewed on your website.
  • Site Content, Landing Pages:  This shows the most popular pages that users are entering your site from.
  • Site Content, Exit Pages:  This shows the main pages where users are exiting your site.
  • Site Search, Search Terms:  This shows the main terms that users are searching for on your website (if your website includes search functionality).
  • Site Speed:  This shows how fast your site loads. Google Analytics also provides suggestions on how to improve your site speed.

These are a few of the most important reports to understand the performance of your online business. They are easy to use yet provide comprehensive data for you to ultimately improve your bottom line.

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