Simple Tips to Get your Small Business Noticed on Social Media


In a previous blog post, we discussed why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to consider when managing your website. However, SEO should also be top of mind when creating profiles and publishing content on social media. Using SEO best practices is crucial to getting your profile and posts noticed and ensure that you reach the right customers on social media.

Here are the top 5 tips to get your small business noticed on social media.

1. Increase your number of followers

The total number of followers and connections on your social media profiles are proven to influence your search rankings. There are a variety of easy ways to expand your business’s follower base.

One great way to increase your follower volume is to encourage satisfied and loyal customers to follow you on social media. If they are pleased with your business, they will be excited to know that you are active on social media. This will allow your customers to get updates on your business and have access to your valuable content.

Another great way to increase your follower base is through exclusive promotions such as offering a buy one get one coupon to customers who follow your business on social media. You can also consider following other local businesses and asking them to share your posts.

2. Use External Links and Hashtags in Your Content

External links are clickable  text that connects to any website other than your own. A great SEO tactic is to include external links to relevant websites within your content. You can use links to cite information in your blog posts or go further in depth on particular topics. This will provide relevant resources in your content that enhances your audience’s experience while reading your content. This enhanced user experience will ultimately give your posts more authority with search engines and social media platforms.

Using the hashtag symbol (#) in your social posts is another great way to improve your SEO. Hashtags allow you to tag a certain word or group of words in your posts, and this tag will link your post to relevant topics based on the word. For instance, if you are running a Black Friday sale, you can use posts containing #BlackFridaySale. If anyone searching through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for #BlackFridaySale, they will see all mentions of the hashtag including your post. Hashtags make your posts much easier to find, and will expand your online presence.

3. Engage with Influencers

A great way to improve your profile’s SEO is to engage with influencers. Influencers are thought leaders in your industry who have an influential presence and a large social media audience with loyal followers. When you engage with influencers on social media, you can leverage their system of connections which can improve the SEO of your social profiles.

You should search for and create a list of the influencers in your specific industry. A great tool to find influencers is Klout.  Once you’ve found potential influencers, you should follow and comment on their blogs through an RSS feed. You can also publish blog posts that mention their content or comment on their social media posts. This can expand your own social media following.

4. Make Your Content Shareable

When your content has a high number of shares, search engines automatically assign more importance to your profile. It’s important to make it easy for your audience to share your content. You should make sure that share buttons are clearly visible in all of your posts. Social Media Examiner has an informative article that gives detailed instructions on how to do this.

Another proven way to increase shares is to post content that engages your audience. According to a recent Ipsos study, 61% of online sharers share interesting content, 43% share funny content, and 29% share unique content. Create reactive content and stories that that trigger positive emotions, and your followers will be far more likely to share your posts.

Articles that are most shared not only evoked emotion, but also provided useful information. Consider posting “how-to” type content that shares tips that your audience would most likely find interesting and helpful.

5. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Another key to social media SEO is to be as descriptive as possible. We touched on this in our Social Media Guide for Small Businesses, but it’s very important to make sure that your profiles are as descriptive as possible so search engines and social media platforms can accurately identify and tag your business.

Always fill out the “about” and “information” sections, and make sure to actively update this information if your business changes. In these sections, make sure that you’re using words and phrases that accurately describe your business.  However, also keep in mind the words that your customers would most likely use when searching for your business, and include these keywords as well. Also include your local address in this section , which will optimize your profiles for local searches.

Social media platforms also provide a Category field that is often overlooked. Check your profiles’ basic information to make sure that your business is listed in the correct category.  Finally, make sure to link your social channels back to your website. This will help search engines identify your social channels, as well as increase your website traffic.

SEO has a powerful impact on your overall social media performance, and with the right strategy, any small business can maximize their SEO. If you use these five simple tips to optimize your content and profiles you should see noticeable improvements in your social media presence.

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