Simple Tips to Boost Your Small Business

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All small business owners want to boost their business and improve their bottom line, whether you’re an established small business owner or you just starting your first business. Businesses are not static, so it’s important to make consistent improvements to keep your business relevant and make your business better each day.

Here are some easy tips that will help revamp your business to keep it moving in a positive direction.

Give Your Business the Local Advantage

According to a study reported in Media Post, 30 percent of shoppers say if all things were equal, they would choose local over national brands “always” or “most of the time.” It’s clear that today’s customers have an inherent desire to support local brands, so make sure to take advantage of this by stepping up your presence in the local community.

A first step to improving your local presence is to make sure that you’re creating and integrating a list of local keywords. You can use these keywords in the meta-description of your website as well as in any online advertising that you do. If you’d like to learn more about how to think local when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), check out or detailed SEO post, a guide specific to small business owners. Geo-targeting is another great way to promote your business locally. Facebook offers a great step by step guide to geo-targeting in the eBook attached.

You can also improve your local presence by getting involved in community business organizations. By taking part in your local Chamber of Commerce and other similar business organizations, you can make worthwhile connections while learning about new resources and partnerships for your business. You should also consider giving back to your community by getting involved in local charities, or partnering with other local business owners.

Step Up Your Online Presence

The Internet has revolutionized the role that small businesses have in the larger economy. Through building and maintaining an effective online presence, small businesses can now compete with larger businesses. By improving your online presence, you can reach and engage with both current and new customers no matter where they are located.

At the very minimum, make sure to create a website for your business. Use a domain name that will be easy to find through search engines, and include as much company information as possible. Ask your customers where they want to receive news and updates – whether it’s social media, via email, or on your blog. The next step is to engage them via the channel of their choice. Find out what people are saying about you by signing up for Google Alerts.

Revamp your Marketing Strategy

To keep your business growing, especially in a competitive industry, you must have a smart, well thought out marketing strategy. There are a variety of opportunities for small businesses to get creative with their marketing efforts. Introducing new campaigns can be a great way to get both current and new customers excited, which can get more people to visit your store, boost sales, and ultimately build your brand.

One great way to revamp your marketing efforts is to make your messaging relevant to the season. If you offer products or services relevant to summer or any other time of the year, make sure to spread the word with creative messaging and display this messaging in prominent places to capture customers’ attention. Many small businesses also find success in themed promotions. While people are naturally drawn to a deal, linking the sale to a fun theme or event going on in the community can enhance your sale. You can also consider hosting an event or holding a contest to keep your marketing efforts fresh and engaging. No matter what your campaign entails, make sure that you promote heavily online within the channels most important to your audience.   

Read to Keep Your Business Relevant  

If you’re a small business owner, you’re familiar with the phrase that you can never know too much. The art of being a successful business owner is constantly evolving, and reading is a great way to keep up. Small business owners often face similar challenges throughout their careers, and many thought leaders have analyzed these issues to come up with solutions. You can find many of these solutions in their books.

One of our favorite books for small businesses is Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh. In this book, the CEO of Zappos discussed the different challenges that he has overcome in both business and in life, from starting a worm farm to running a pizza business. It is an inspiring and relevant book for all small business owners. 

To stay relevant in today’s crowded marketplace, it is important to always be thinking ahead and trying new strategies to revamp your business. By taking advantage of any of these tips, you can improve your small business and ultimately increase sales. These tips may look differently depending on your specific industry, so take some time to consider which make the most sense for your business. 

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