Responsive Website Design for Your Small Business

small business website

Over the past 10 years, there has been a drastic shift in desktop computer usage to mobile phone usage. Today, roughly 57 percent of all Internet traffic comes from smartphones. To reach potential customers, it’s critical to optimize your small business website for mobile viewing.    

The best way to optimize your site for mobile phones is by using a responsive design. A responsive site will respond to the size of any screen it is being viewed on. Whether a user is viewing the site on a desktop computer, phone, or tablet, content will be adjusted for the best viewing experience.

It takes a lot of work to stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital world. There are three main reasons why responsive design is a great solution for enhancing your small business’s online presence.

1. Your Customers Get the Quality Experience They Expect

Think about the last time you visited a site using a smartphone and found its mobile layout confusing and difficult to navigate. How long did you stay on the site? The answer is probably not very long.

A site’s mobile experience is extremely important to users. In fact, a recent study found that 52% of online users were less likely to engage with a brand if they had a bad mobile experience. Because of the smaller screen size and ratio, mobile users’ ability to search and navigate a site with a traditional desktop layout is limited. A responsive design provides users with a layout designed for their device, ensuring that they stay on your site to search for the information they need instead of giving up and going to a competitor.

2. Search Engines Prioritize Sites with Responsive Designs

If you’ve been running a business on the Internet, you are probably familiar with the updates that Google and other search engines introduce on a regular basis. Google has released a few updates that prioritize sites with responsive designs. This means that the search engine will rank businesses with responsive designs higher on results pages than a business without responsive designs.

Google is aware that users are gravitating towards mobile devices over desktop computers, and they want to make sure that people using their search engine are getting the best experience possible. Using a nonresponsive design could result in search engines listing your business lower in your customers’ search results, even if your site is the most applicable to their needs.

3. Responsive Sites are Easy to Manage

Responsive sites are extremely easy to manage. They are built to do everything in one place, eliminating the hassle and worry of maintaining both a desktop and a mobile site. You have enough on your plate already as a small business owner, so having a responsive site will give you back valuable time to focus on your business’s bottom line.

The reality of an ever-expanding digital world is that most businesses are on the Internet. You’ll ultimately have a huge advantage if your site is responsive. It will be easier for mobile users to find your responsive site first because of search engine prioritization. They will be more likely to spend time on your easy-to-use site to get what they need, which also makes them more likely to become paying customers.

Running a small business in an environment that is continually impacted by mobile trends is challenging enough as it is. An easy-to-use responsive Web design keeps your business competitive while also saving you time on day-to-day digital marketing activities. 

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