Landing Page Best Practices for Small Business

small business landing page

Bringing in new leads is important for growing your small business. A fully-optimized landing page is one of the most effective lead-generating tools to have in your marketing arsenal. This may seem like a daunting task, but optimizing a landing page is not as complicated as you might think. You can create a conversion-driving landing page using drag-and-drop tools without seeing a single line of code! The difficulty in creating an effective landing page comes from deciding on the dozens of design options and content elements to choose from.

Luckily, we have some best practices to help your small business make the right choices for your landing page.

1. Distinguish Your Landing Page From Your Homepage

The purpose of a landing page is to cultivate new leads and produce conversions for your business on the net, as opposed to a homepage, which is a presentation of your company’s unique value proposition and a starting point for a variety of actions. Your landing page should be tailored towards a specific offer so visitors immediately understand your business plans offer and take the desired action, whether that is filling out a form, requesting more information, or signing up for your product or service.

Key takeaway: Does your landing page focus on one offer, and will your site visitors immediately understand the offer?

2. Match Your Headlines With Your Message

Ideally, your landing page’s headline should match the content of the ad that drove the user to the landing page. Your message should reinforce the offer displayed in the ad to prevent confusion among your site’s visitors.

Key takeaway: Does your headline closely match the messaging of the ad or the asset that inspired the visit?

3. Feature Content That’s Useful for Your Target Audience

There are no set rules regarding the length or word count. However, it’s critical that your content brings value to your visitors and helps drive conversions. Sometimes it can be more effective to use images, videos, and animations to tell a compelling story, as opposed to paragraphs of descriptive text.

Key takeaway: Does each element on the page encourage your visitors to act on the offer?

4. Design A Compelling CTA

To ensure that your visitors act on your message, your call to action button needs to stand out on your landing page. Some tactics to direct your visitor’s eye include using a contrasting color, providing ample negative space around the CTA, or repeating it at multiple scroll depths.

Key takeaway: Have you made your call to action button impossible to miss, and does it reiterate the offer to encourage action?

5. Present A Friendly, Easy-to-Complete Form

It’s important to carefully consider the request fields when using a form on your landing page. Unless you have a legitimate reason to gather a lot of information, use the fewest number of fields as possible. The amount of lead information you need may depend on where your offer lies in your marketing funnel. As you progress down the funnel, longer forms may be necessary but may also be an unappealing task for visitors. Any lead-capture forms should be neatly arranged and feature easily-discernible fields.

Key takeaway: Is your form fast and easy to complete?

6. Foster Trust with Social Proofs

One way to establish trust among your visitors and encourage them to proceed with greater confidence is through social proofs. Including some of the following elements on your landing page increases visitors’ trust:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Trust seals (safe transactions, accreditations, etc.)
  • Media features (“As seen on”)
  • Social media posts created by fans and customers
  • Privacy policy link
  • Numbers (downloads, customer count, etc.)

Key takeaway: Have you included social proof on the page to build trust?

Take some time to consider these recommendations to ensure that your landing page optimized to convert visitors into leads and move your business to the next level. In our subsequent posts, we’ll discuss some of the most popular landing page tools that you can use to efficiently create optimized landing pages.

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