Is It Time to Upgrade Your Company's Internet?

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High-speed Internet is key to small business success, but getting fast access can be a challenge. Fortunately, advanced technologies like satellite broadband are helping to solve this problem.

Here are four ways faster business Internet can help your business thrive:


1. Streamline Communication

A slow Internet connection impedes communication with your prospects, customers and vendors. Whether you have a single office or need to connect multiple branch locations, a highly reliable and secure connection gives you instant access to the critical information and applications you need.

2. Power Applications

An industry-leading Internet service makes it possible to run all your mission-critical applications, speed transactions, and boost productivity. It even makes it easier to launch and maintain your company’s Web site. Approximately 50% of small businesses in America lack even a basic Web presence, diminishing their competitiveness and visibility.

3. Save Money

Most business Internet service providers offer multiple plans with different price points and features. Choose a plan that fits your business’s budget and is tailored specifically to small businesses. In addition, you can boost your savings by cutting postage costs, send invoices by email, conduct email marketing instead of postal mailings, build a thriving social media presence, and offer digital coupons instead of paper ones. 

4. Enjoy Premium Features

Some businesses try to get by on a consumer Internet connection, but consumer services typically lack key business benefits. Look for an Internet provider who goes the extra mile for small businesses. Things to shop for include business-class support and extras like expedited repair options to keep your small business up and running.


Shopping for a Business Internet Plan

Of course you’ll want to look at price when weighing your options, but there are other important factors to consider as well. Look for a provider that offers business-class support to cut down on costly downtime, and check for special offers like free security tools or free on-site maintenance. The time you put into choosing a business Internet plan will more than pay off in increased productivity, better customer service, more efficient operations, and a healthier bottom line. 


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