How to Maximize Yelp Reviews to Grow Your Small Business

Image of small business selling cookies

Yelp is an online rating and review platform where consumers share their opinions about businesses of all types with others. The site has over 73 million average monthly visitors and over 108 million total reviews. Yelp can serve as an important tool for your small business, and it provides a tremendous way to reach new customers.

As your small business grows, you should familiarize yourself with Yelp. Learn how it works, but also how you can improve your company’s Yelp profile to gain more customers. 

Let’s look at four ways to improve your business’ rating on Yelp.

1. Ask Loyal Customers

Do you have a group of valued customers willing to show their appreciation or share a positive experience? Talk to your best customers and ask them to write a review for you. 

Customers with enjoyable or positive experiences often show their appreciation by recommending your small business to their friends and family. In fact, the average person will tell nine other people about a positive experience. Yelp is a great place to harness those good recommendations. 

This will give your Yelp profile a database of positive, genuine reviews that will encourage new customers to try your business. 

2. Talk to Vendors

Your business may rely on a team of vendors.  Did you know that vendors can also provide positive feedback for your small business on Yelp? Take a moment to ask close vendors or suppliers to post a review for your business.   Posting a positive review on Yelp could be a way to boost business for both companies.

3. Reach out to Friends and Family

Friends and family can be valuable to a small-business owner through continued support and encouragement. Have them use Yelp to talk about the business, highlighting the components they like best. A few positive reviews on your page will help get the ball rolling for more customers to leave their reviews. 

4. Check the Yelp Filter

Finally, make sure that all of your positive reviews are seen. Yelp has a filter that removes spam or reviews without any real value. While the filter can be helpful, it’s not perfect and sometimes positive reviews slip into the filter. To see if any of your reviews were filtered, look in the “not-recommended” section of your profile. If so, you can message the customer who posted the review and ask for them to update the review. You can also follow the customer, which may make their account seem more realistic to Yelp. You earned those good reviews, so it’s important to make sure that they are seen. 

Yelp can be a very valuable tool for your small business, ensuring you get greater visibility into the community you serve. You can constantly promote your business yourself, but oftentimes people need to hear from other happy customers before taking the leap to try it out for themselves. Your business will benefit in the long run from putting in the extra effort to grow and maximize reviews in Yelp. 

Running a small business can be challenging, but promoting your business doesn’t have to be. Implementing these approaches to get the most out of Yelp should help your business thrive. The first step to implementing these approaches is getting online, and HughesNet Business Internet provides a reliable, secure, connection that can take your small business to the next level. 

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