The Best Tracking Tools to Improve Your Small Business’s Website

Best Tracking Tools

Successfully growing your business online requires performance analysis and optimization. To improve your website’s performance, you will need to know basic data like how many visitors you receive, where they come from and whether they are converting into customers. Identifying which elements of your site are working to capture customers and which are not can help you make your website more efficient and helpful for visitors.

In a past blog post, we discussed the top website metrics that all small business owners should track. In this post, we will walk through the best tools for tracking these metrics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track users behavior on your website. Google Analytics is free and easy to use. With Google Analytics, you can gain critical insights on your website performance, such as how many people visit your site each day, where your traffic comes from (channels such as SEO, Paid, Direct or Referral) and how your visitors interact with your site (which pages are gaining and maintaining traffic).

Google Analytics is a critical tool for all small businesses with a website. You can even take free classes on the Google Analytics site. To learn more about how to use this tracking platform for your small business, check out Business2Community’s Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heat map technology that shows you how your visitors are engaging with the content on your site. Using this platform, you can get information about the buttons visitors click most, how far your visitors scroll down each page and what areas of the page get the most views. This information can help you place important features such as form fields, banner ads, buttons, calls to action and more. With these types of insights, you can optimize your most important pages and convert more of your visitors.


Moz is another helpful tracking tool for small business owners. It uses powerful rank tracking software to retrieve organic search engine rankings for pages and keywords, and store them for easy comparison later. Moz Pro subscribers can also track selected rankings data over time to see which of their optimization efforts have the best impact.

With Moz, you can do three main things. You can analyze keywords, track competitor rankings, and improve your visibility. The platform allows you to see which keywords rank across Google, Bing and Yahoo and filter by labels and rank. You can also track keywords geographically at the local, national, city and neighborhood levels.

Moz Pro can help you determine how your competitors rank for certain terms and give you the tools to better compete. Moz can also help you improve your site’s search engine visibility by identifying the features of your pages that affect your rankings. Through the tool, you can find tips to help optimize your content and improve your visibility in search results.

With so many great online performance tracking tools, it is easy to be in the know when it comes to your website’s performance. These tools can help you not only track, but also improve your website’s efficiency and success. With more and more business conducted online, now is the time to use these tools to help improve your business performance.

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